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Hughes Development Company

Hughes Development Company, (HDCO) and its management affiliate, Universal Management, Inc. (UMI) collectively called “the Company” has demonstrated its ability to perform in all areas of real estate development and property management, by successfully managing and developing an extremely varied portfolio.  Our portfolio has included scattered site public housing, Section 42, Section 8, Section 236, Section 202/Elderly, conventional, condominium communities, mobile home parks, commercial retail as well as industrial construction management.

Since 1966, the Company’s long and varied experience in the real estate market makes us uniquely qualified for acquisition, ownership, development and redevelopment of multi-family apartments.  We possess specific experience in the successful management of affordable housing under the very rigid compliance guidelines of both HUD and State agencies.

Universal Management and our other real estate affiliates, HDC Consulting Group, an appraisal company and the Metro Group Real Estate LLC, a retail brokerage firm, encompass a full range of real estate services for our clients.  While we possess a very long and successful history of professional residential management, the Company also has strong experience in the areas of commercial management, development, acquisition and relocation, appraisal and consulting.

Since its inception, HDCO/UMI has had a steady growth of new clients, both commercial and residential.  These clients include inner city commercial shopping centers and office complexes, Public Housing Agencies in Kansas City and Philadelphia as well as local multifamily housing developments.  The company has also provided construction management services to some of the above clients as well as the NASCAR racetrack in Kansas City, Kansas.

HDCO, along with its affiliate, UMI, has packaged and received numerous funding programs to provide layered financing resources to redevelop older properties. The firm has not only administered the loans, grants and equity proceeds, but also provided the construction management for more than $35 million in improvement programs on various housing and commercial developments. Hughes Development Co, Inc. and its affiliates have provided the construction oversight for all of the major capital improvements at each rehabilitation site.



Universal Management, Inc.

Universal Management, Inc., (UMI) is a 100% minority owned business, which was incorporated in 1997 as the product of the merging of two established property development and management companies. The principals of Hughes Development Co., Inc., and FPD Management, Inc., respectively, joined under Universal Management, Inc. to broaden and strengthen the company’s capacity for providing quality property management and real estate development services.

The corporate offices of UMI are located at 1021 North 7th Street, suite 106, in downtown Kansas City, Kansas 66101, along with a second office located in the historic Colonial Office Building at 2420 E. Linwood, in mid-town, Kansas City, Missouri. Universal Management, Inc. currently oversees the management of multi-family apartment complexes located in multiple states. UMI also manages three retail shopping centers and commercial office spaces in the Kansas City area.

UMI and it’s related companies of Hughes Developments and HDC Consulting Group and the Metro Group Real Estate, LLC provide the following services: Residential and Commercial Property Management; Consulting and Appraisal Services; Construction and Rehabilitation Management Property Development and Financial Packaging; Economic Development Planning; Market and Feasibility Analysis; Real Estate Brokerage and Leasing.